Purchase & Accessories

If you do not want to bother with returning a rented machine, think your recovery may be more than 3 months, or work as a trainer or in the orthopedic field, or prefer not to be charged a deposit on a rental, your best option may be to purchase a bone healing machine.

What you get
Exogen 4000+ Ultrasound Bone Healing Machine
All units have been checked to be sure they are not one of the recalled machines
All units have been tested and cleaned.

All machines have at least 300 uses remaining on the counter
All units come with carrying case, directions, velcro strap and enough ultrasound gel for 150 uses ( that is 5 months )

$479.00 includes ground deliver
This prices is less than the deductible most people will pay if there insurance company agrees to cover a new unit.
This is a small price to pay if the Exogen unit allows you to get back to your career, or sport sooner.

Purchase options

Note, please email below to see if accessories below are available. THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH A PURCHASE OR RENTAL

Accessories:This is a Clavicle Strap Applicator for a Smith & Nephew Exogen 4000+ Ultrasound Bone Stimulator Healing System. Used for collar bone, shoulder bone, ribs, or anywhere where standard strap is not feasible. This weighted applicator accommodates the snap-on cap unit from the standard strap that comes with each Exogen unit


New Clavical Strap price $45

Exogen (TM) Cast Kit:

If you have a hard cast you will either need to have the cast kit installed at the time the cast is applied, or afterwards by your doctor or orthopedic.  Please inquire before purchasing as the transducer must be directly on the skin with ultrasound gel ( included ) to make the proper contact to function properly.

New Cast Kit price $45