Exogen 4000+ bone healing machine rental and sales

To rent please go to our Rental Page.

Note, our rental periods are for 90 days or 90 uses

“The EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System is the clinically tested, FDA-approved treatment for indicated* bone fractures. Using painless ultrasound waves, EXOGEN may help heal broken bones by speeding up your body’s natural repair process . In just 20 minutes a day, you can help ensure healing for stubborn-to-heal* bone fractures or an indicated* freshly broken tibia or broken radius. It’s faster healing for broken bones — and less hassle for you.”


No need to wait longer to begin speeding your recovery, while your insurance company determines if you have coverage for a new unit. If your insurance will cover a prescription for a new Exogen machine, typically your deductible will exceed the rental cost.

You can rent today, and if you wish we can ship your Exogen ultrasound device overnight freight for delivery tomorrow.  Same day shipping must be confirmed via email, and orders must be received prior to our UPS truck arriving.  All other rental orders will ship within 3 business days.

EXOGEN is a registered trademark of Bioventus LLC
ExogenRental.com is not the manufacture and is not affiliated with the manufacture of this device

You should only use an Exogen bone growth stimulator at the recommendation of your doctor.

All units are tested, sanitized, and guaranteed for your rental period.

Ultrasound Gel is included with your rental, or purchase ( purchases are often not available due to high rental demand)

None of the units we rent are on any recall list.