Rental Agreement Form ( click here to rent )


Note, our rental periods are for 90 days or 90 uses

To Rent an Exogen Machine See Form Below.  Please read all the way to bottom of page before renting.

Your rental will be tested and sanitized.

You should only use an Exogen bone growth stimulator at the recommendation of your doctor.

The $400 deposit will be refunded in full if the machine is shipped back to us in 3 months, and with no more than 90 uses logged on the unit during your retal

Note, additional increments of 30 days or 30 uses will be billed at $50 per increment and deducted from your deposit.

Note about accessories:
You will need a clavicle strap when using on a hip or shoulder fracture. You will need a cast kit if you are in a plaster cast. Check with your doctor to be sure they will install the cast kit upon receipt.

Ultrasound Gel is included with your rental, or purchase ( purchases are often not available due to high rental demand)

Base rental price of $375 includes 3 months rental (90 uses or 90 days which ever comes first ) of an Exogen 4000+. A $400 damage deposit is also required. $19 for standard Ground shipping will be added at checkout.

Note, when the unit is returned undamaged, the $400 deposit will be refunded.

If you decide to keep the unit longer than the standard rental period additional uses will be deducted from the deposit refund.

If you want to upgrade your shipping method you will need to add the Rental/Accessories to your cart and then hit the Continue Shopping link (top right) to come back to this page to add the upgraded shipping to your cart as well.

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ASSIGNMENT. The Lessee/Renter shall not assign or sublet the rented Exogen machine or permit the equipment to be used by anyone other than the renter with consent. 

DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties will attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement through friendly negotiations amongst the parties. If the matter is not resolved by negotiation, the parties will resolve the dispute using the below Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure , unless the dispute or controversy meets the requirements to be brought before Minnesota’s small claims court. 

Any controversies or disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement, other than those excepted above, will be submitted to mediation in accordance with any statutory rules of mediation. If mediation is not successful in resolving the entire dispute or is unavailable, any outstanding issues will be submitted to final and binding arbitration in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota. The arbitrator’s award will be final, and any judgment may be entered upon it by any court having jurisdiction within the State of Minnesota.