Exogen 4000+ Rental Rates

Note, our rental periods are for 90 days or 90 uses
90 uses or 90 days whichever comes first $375

We offer only Exogen 4000 + units that are tested to be working order.  Each unit is sanitized and includes enough gel for the number of units you are renting for.

Units returned more than one week after rental period ends will be billed $50 per 30 day rental  period, or per 30 uses over the rental amount agreement.
Thus each additional increment of 30 uses or 30 days will will result in $50 being deducted from your deposit.

Ultrasound Gel is included with your rental, or purchase ( purchases are often not available due to high rental demand)

Used units for sale (subject to availability). Please let us know how many uses you would anticipate requiring. We will get you a unit with sufficient available uses, and gel to accommodate, plus a price.

Overnight shipping $79
2nd Day Air $75
3 day freight $39
Ground freight $19

We do not ship outside of the continental US

A $400 deposit will be billed to your card and refunded when the unit is returned.

At this time we do not bill insurance companies. However if your physician or orthopedic will prescribe the use of and Exogen machine you may be eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company.

Please contact us for a full rate quote and more information.