The “competition”

I had a repeat client today ask about a couple of new sites that have popped up on the internet recently.  We don’t have the energy or reason to bad mouth them.  They may be legitimate.

Here is what we can share.  We started in 2009.  The others guys saying they offer rental both started sometime in 2019.

The only service we offer through our site is rentals of Exogen 4000 bone growth stimulators.

One of the other sites states “Bone stimulators can be highly effective in healing equine fractures. We have provided them for many horses around the country, in addition to supplying them to humans around the world!  ” which is gross if you get the unit after a horse.

The other online shop alows  you to also purchase a pair of sunglasses from their products drop down menu.  Really. Brick and mortar commercial building location we rent our space from the building owner who owns insurance agency.

The others online, one runs the business out of his home or garage.  Another runs it out of a post office box and the third is at some undisclosed location in Europe. ( which makes getting and returning the unit a probably challenge unless you are in the UK )

Please read our client feedback page for past client comments.  We strive to under promise
and over delivery!

Thats all we know.