Exogen Information



How it works

Note, our rental periods are for 90 days or 90 uses

Essentially the Exogen 4000+ uses ultrasound very low-frequency radio waves to stimulate increased blood flow to the fracture location.  The Exogen unit to our best knowledge at this time is the only unit using ultrasound technology.  Note: this unit does not use pulse frequencies like the no name, cheap units sold online.

Please get your physician or Ortho to approve your use of this device. By renting or purchasing from us you are confirming you have received this approval. My ortho said that he could not sell or rent a unit to me, but if he had the same fracture as I had he would definitely get an Exogen and use it.

“EXOGEN uses safe, painless low-intensity ultrasound waves to stimulate the body’s natural repair process.1 In just 20 minutes a day, EXOGEN may help you get back to the activities you enjoy most—in less time and with less hassle.

  • #1 prescribed bone healing system5
  • 20-minute daily treatment
  • 38% faster healing of indicated* fresh fractures2,3
  • 86% healing of non-unions (breaks not healing on their own)4
  • 91% clinically proven high treatment compliance21

The info above is from the Manufacturer’s Website.

Ultrasound Gel is included with your rental, or purchase ( purchases are often not available due to high rental demand)