Client Feedback

My surgeon insisted I get this device even though Medicare and supplemental denied coverage. He was quite pleased that my metatarsal regrew and no surgery was needed. I appreciate your rental service which saved me quite a bit.

I would love to leave a positive feedback somewhere. I mentioned your company to my ortho doctor and they will be referring people your way as well.




Laura M


Thank you for the professional services rendered by your company.



I am happy to say that the machine really seems to be making a difference for my daughter and after 6 months of her fracture not healing, we are seeing great progress now that she has been using the Exogen we rented from you.

Thank you for your assistance with everything!



Thanks again, Exogenrental definitely helped me heal my non-joint fracture without surgery.
Thanks – Sudhi


Thank you for the information. And answers to my questions. Very helpful in making my decision.

I will place my order today.

This is such a great service to be able to rent this from you. Looking forward to the healing process.

And to stop waiting on my insurance to approve which is another 90 days.

Jan W.


The Exogen device worked wonders on Mary’s shattered leg bone and we believe it was the main reason her slow/non-union was actually healed to the point she can finally walk normally again.

Thanks for everything!

Dale and Mary


Thanks agin for your services.  This machine helped me a lot.

D. Shields


Thank you and your team very much for getting the unit to me so quickly.



Thank you for sending me the bone stimulator as this was a tremendous help in my recovery.

Dawn S


I am so appreciative of the service you offer; without this machine I don’t know if the open fracture of my ankle would have healed – it’s healed now though!

Thank you,

Gail H.


It has been a pleasure working with you,

Kathy T

Program Support Specialist
Masonic Home and School


We had the Bone Stimulator for a while and it worked really well.
Thanks a lot!


Thank you-hope I do not need it again, but it worked great.

Carol S
Children’s Medical Center


Thank you for such great service!

Gerard P


Thanks for offering this rental service – it is very helpful!
Crystal S
This is a Godsend to get this machine as insurance will not pay .. for purchase

I suffered a severe left pilon fracture in May. My physician ordered me to use a bone stimulator but my insurance does not cover it–that’s why I am renting one from you. I also happen to be an RN who has taken care of many patients who have used the Exogen bone stimulator–that’s why I am familiar with the device and why I wanted to use it in spite of the additional expense–I know they work!
Thank you so much!
Bryan RN, OCN


Thank you for your valuable service and equipment.



Can’t thank you enough for having the exogen 4000 available for rental. I’ve been using it every day since we received it…

I should know in a couple of weeks how it’s working. But my arm already is feeling so much better.



Thank you for the best service. Exogen machine worked wonderful. I broke my fibia and my bone would not heal. Within a month my bone started to heal and 3 months later I am back to playing sports.

Carol F.


Thank you for your time and fantastic service.



My Exogen unit arrived today and I have had my first treatment session. The unit seems to be working well. Many thanks for your fast processing and delivery of my order.

Peter M


Thanks for helping my son.

My Best,

Jim J

Thank you so much for such great customer service.

Best regards,

Connie S

I am pleased to report that the Exogen machine worked and my ankle is fully healed.

Tracey Y

Thank you .  I will only speak highly of your business to all I can!!  While I wish I could say I have never heard or dealt with Exogen Rentals (never wanted to have my son hurt), I’m so grateful I found it.

Thank you again!  Karen

I have finished the 90 day therapy with the Exogen 4000.  It has provided the hoped for results.

Brian S.

Thank, you Jon.

Kristen P.


Our surgeon said Brad’s healing was 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.  Whether that was all machine or a combination of things, who knows, but it was certainly worth it, in our opinion.


Thank you so much for renting the Exogen 4000+.  I believe it has helped my daughters stress fracture heal more quickly than if she hadn’t used it.

She’s now back to competing as a dancers completely pain free.




Well, I have been walking around (not gracefully) since Christmas without the boot. The foot bone seems to be healed.

Thank you for your advice and courtesies.

Joan T.


Dean G.

My 3 months and 90 days with the Exogen machine are winding down and I’m happy to report that my hand has almost fully healed and I am back to full activities (i.e. Tennis, Softball, Basketball, etc.).

Also, I wanted to let you know that I air-travelled twice with the machine.  The first time was domestic and I checked my luggage.  The second time was international and I took the machine in my carry on with no issue.  TSA didn’t even ask me about it, which surprised me.  I brought my prescription with me expecting to be asked.

Finally, you will be happy to know that I gave your information to my orthopedist.  He was very interested in knowing that these machines can be rented at a lower cost.  He has always connected his patients with Exogen for the purchase of new machines but when I told him I rented mine he wanted to let his patients know they had that option as well.

We were extremely happy with your machine, and with the outcome of my daughter’s stress fracture which healed very quickly!

Thank you for offering this service!

Thanks again, and if I should ever need to rent this machine again, I will gladly do so through you, and I will recommend you to the other dancers in my daughter’s school if they have this need in the future.



Thank you, I do believe that the machine did help him heal faster.



Thank you very much for renting the Exogen Ultrasound & Bone Healing System to our daughter Hannah.

We really appreciate you shipping this machine so quickly after Easter.

The stimulator worked well and appeared to help Hannah.